“Refrain from starch – compress protein” a misconception to lose weight

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“Refrain from starch – compress protein” a misconception to lose weight

Many people lose weight by abstaining from rice. and eat only meat Whey may add as well. But careful of the risks “Protein leaks in the urine” and may at risk of chronic kidney disease.

Many people’s weight loss formulas often start with abstaining from starch. and eat more to stay pregnant and strengthening muscles For those. Who exercise in conjunction with control Although this method sounds correct. And is unlikely to cause any harm to the body, but in some people. Who use extreme methods too much Including taking weight loss courses from people. Who not dietitians or a real nutritionist May cause harm to the body.

too much protein

Eating more than the body needs. It can come from eating meat, milk, whey protein and other foods. The risk of too much As a result, the liver and kidneys have to work hard to excrete excess protein from the body. May at risk of acidosis The liver and kidneys deteriorate faster than before. and will not be able to start driving excess protein out of the body in time The may be return to the large intestine. and is converted by bacteria to ammonia and is absorbed into the bloodstream It can cause depression, seizures, loss of consciousness, dementia, or liver/kidney deterioration, yellow body/eyes, or jaundice.

There is also a risk leakage in the urine. Signs indicating nephritis can lead to kidney failure in the future as well

The right amount of protein for the body

If wanting to control food for weight loss at UFABET. You should still limit the food you eat to 5 food groups per 1 meal, not eating too much of any one nutrient. Make a portion of your meal that’s 30% protein, 20% carbohydrates, 20% minerals, 20% vitamins, and 10% (good) fats. But still have to eat along with other foods. so that the body receives complete nutrients as well

How to take whey to build muscle safely

For any man or woman who exercises hard because they want to strengthen their muscles. I want beautiful muscles can take whey supplements but should be eaten before exercising And eat in the proportion specified on the product label strictly. Don’t set your own proportions. and maintain a good balance intake each day Don’t stick to whey protein, chicken breast, or egg whites until you don’t get enough of other foods. It’s best to consult with your doctor, dietitian or professional dietitian.

despite losing weight I have to eat carbohydrates.

It’s not that you want to lose weight and then you’ll cut it off by not eating any carbohydrates at all. (Unless you’re on a ketogenic diet.) Instead, choose healthy carbohydrates: complex carbohydrates. (white flour, brown rice, coarse rice, whole wheat bread, seeds, cereals, taro, potatoes, etc.) and avoid or reduce simple carbohydrates (White flour, white rice, white bread, sugar, or products processed) as much as possible.