Ancelotti sees Rayo more motivated after changing boss.

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Carlo Ancelotti thinks Rayo Vallecano will have more motivation to play football after the change of trainer. Before the confrontation this Sunday

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti admits the visit to Vallegas to face Rayo Vallecano on Sunday’s Liga stage will be a complicated game for the Whites. After changing the trainer from Francisco Javier Rodriguez Bilchez to Inigo Perez, that will create more motivation. According to a report from ‘Diario AS’ last Saturday.  ทางเข้า UFABET 

Rayo Vallecano surprised by a 0-0 draw with Real Madrid earlier in the season. While Ancelotti is trying to avoid a repeat of that situation on Sunday.

‘Vallegas has always been complicated. Your opponent wants points. And they changed trainers this week. So they have additional motivation.’ Ancelotti said. 

The Italian trainer also praised the work of Aurelien Jouameni, who has played as a center this season. ‘When the centre-back returns, Jouameni’s role is not that of centre-back. His role is as a central midfielder. Which is why we signed him. He can contribute as a centre-back and he is getting used to his new role. It means he’s very smart.’

Asked about Arda Guler and the 18-year-old midfielder’s physical condition. Ancelotti replied: ‘Guler is fine and can play from the start. Because his physical condition is good. But he still has to contend with competition on the team. And we must be patient with him.’