Inigo Perez cites ‘Ancelotti’ as one of his role models.

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Inigo Perez has revealed that Carlo Ancelotti is one of his role models ahead of Rayo Vallecano’s clash with Real Madrid football on Sunday.

Rayo Vallecano coach Inigo Perez has revealed that. He has Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti as one of his references. Before facing Real Madrid, the La Liga leader this Sunday. According to a report from ‘Deario AS’ last Saturday. 

‘When I was young I don’t have a legendary person. I don’t have any posters in my room. Yes, I have reference points from many trainers and Ancelotti is one of them.’ said the 36-year-old. ‘He is a complete master in every way. Each year he surpasses himself. With the support of an institution like Madrid, it is an honor to meet him.’ทางเข้า UFABET 

When it comes to how to take down Real Madrid who are flying high at the moment. Rayo Vallecano’s new trainer emphasizes being bold and playing without fear. Saying: ‘Our trainers always say the same thing. You can notice your weaknesses and try to push them to the limit. One important thing is to let go of your fear and go get the ball. If they notice your fear They’ll go over your head.’

‘We must not be afraid of tactical differences that we will discuss with the players.’