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Salmon with 5 benefits and dangers

Salmon with 5 benefits and dangers that you should know before eating. Salmon is one of the most popular foods nowadays and is a protein-rich food. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals that are essential to the body. But sometimes eating too much salmon. May cause exposure to

5 reasons why “losing weight” is not successful

5 reasons why “losing weight” is not successful Many times we fail to lose weight. which we think we have tried hard But in the end, the result came out to fail. But if you know the reason. Why you can’t lose weight. Losing weight is not difficult anymore.

3 Dangerous Signs “Colon Cancer” Symptoms

3 Dangerous Signs “Colon Cancer” Symptoms Dr. Somsak Ukkasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that colon and rectum cancer is usually the most common cancer. of many countries around the world With the changing lifestyles of the population. The incidence of colorectal cancer is trending. And the

Chelsea raises offer to buy De Ligt from Juventus.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that. Chelsea are preparing to increase their bid for Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt.          Chelsea are looking for a new defender to reinforce the squad this summer. Following the loss of Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen.

Napoli keep an eye on Keylor Navas situation.

Foot Mercato reports Keylor Navas is likely to part ways with Paris Saint-Germain. With Napoli monitoring the situation closely. Last season the 35-year-old goalkeeper made 21 appearances for PSG with a record of nine goals conceded. But the situation for Navas remains uncertain due to

Dortmund believes Gittens can be a great footballer.

Borussia Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl is confident Jamie Bino-Gittens. Has the potential to become a great football player for sure. The 17-year-old, who recently helped England win the Under-19 Euros is scheduled to return to the club on July 8 to prepare for training for