Eric ten Hagaccepts ‘Ghost’ should shoot more

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Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag admits his team should have used sharper chances to win 1-0 over Luton Town, but is still fully confident that Rasmus Hoijlund and Marcus Rash will… Two Fords hoping to start producing goals for sure.

“Red Devils” recover from defeat in European football. Returning to play at home in the Premier League, scoring a goal against the new team with Victor Lindelof adding a goal in the 59th minute. “Overall,

it was a good day. We got the victory we wanted. But we should make life easier. By scoring the first goal sooner. And scored a second goal,” Ten Hag said after the game. ufabet

“In the first half, we created four sure-fire chances, but we couldn’t do it. Luton still has strength and might equalize at any time.” “So we have

to Must fight until the end of the game. Even though it may not be the most beautiful victory. But I’m satisfied with creating opportunities. including discipline and the efforts of the team members”

“Despite all the obstacles encountered We are still near the top four. So when we come back fully prepared and begin to show good form in the coming months. Other teams will encounter obstacles and drop points as well ′

′ We won 4 of the last 5 league games amid many problems. We still have reason to be optimistic.”

Hoijlund, the red striker, played in his 8th league match but still couldn’t produce a score. As for Marcus Rashford, a talented attacker. The target is still clean as well, and Ten Hag was asked the reason.

“I don’t think it’s a confidence problem. Hoijlund has already scored five goals in the Champions League. He’s full of confidence in this game. And more goals will definitely follow ′

′ As for Rashford, he scored 30 goals last season. Of course, that’s not the case now. But he will start producing goals again as well.”

“Other offensive players like Carnacho also have the ability to score goals. So it must happen. The good thing is that this season we have 13 different scorers. “

It shows the way we want to play football. Everyone helps invade. Everyone helps to defend. So our defenders can score goals too,”

the Dutch coach said. Was asked about the yellow card that was given towards the end of the game. Charged with protesting against the referee giving Luton a throw-in, which was the third of the season, in the next match against Everton, he was prepared to be banned from the sidelines.

“I have to accept this yellow card and ban. It’s not a good thing. But I’m confident our coaching staff will be able to replace it. They have all the talent to do that.”